Research Ethics Review Committee

For OFIFC research projects, academic or community collaborators are asked to formally go through the OFIFC’s Research Ethics Committee (REC). Outside researchers are encouraged to apply.
The OFIFC’s ethica application package is based on the USAI Research Framework. As such, it is vital that each application demonstrates that the proposed project adheres to community-driven research as well as the USAI principles (Utility, Self-voicing, Access, and Inter-relationality). Applications should speak to how the proposed research project will follow the USAI Research Framework. The application also provides researchers the opportunity to describe how their proposed project will be community-driven and how the project will safely and respectfully work with Indigenous communities. 
The OFIFC’s research team is the primary contact for the OFIFC’s Research Ethics Committee. The OFIFC’s ethics review process begins with a mandatory internal review process where applicants must submit a draft copy of their application to the OFIFC. The OFIFC’s research team reviews the draft application and provides recommendations on where the researcher can clarify and expand on how their proposed research is community-driven and USAI-principled. During the Internal Review Process, applicants are encouraged to review recommendations from the OFIFC’s research team, revise their application based on the OFIFC’s recommendations, and re-submit their completed application to the OFIFC’s research team.
Once an application is completed, the OFIFC completes an Internal Review Form and determines if the application will be assessed as a delegated or full review by the OFIFC’s Research Ethics Committee (REC) for approval.
At the REC meeting, committee members discuss each application and recommend one of the following:
  1. The application is approved with no revisions;
  2. The application is conditionally approved with revisions that will go back to the REC or OFIFC research team for secondary review; 
  3. The application is not approved until major revisions are made; or
  4. The application has been declined as the proposed research project does not advance the research priorities of Friendship Centre communities.
  5. The committee meets several times throughout the year. Deadlines for the Internal Review process and completed applications can be made available upon email request.
Ethics Application